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 An audio visual sequence, in the context of this web site, consists of the combination of still images and sound/music,  with or without narration, together with various transitions, to form a production . A unique characteristic of AV sequences, and this is what makes them so effective, and so entertaining, is that they defy the normal rules of the universe.  Throughout nature, the first law of thermodynamics specifies that energy cannot be created or destroyed - only converted from one form to another.  However, in the AV world, the total energy (or impact) of an AV production is significantly greater than the sum of its parts (audio plus visual).   By combining the two, the overall effect seems to be magnified.  This is one instance where one plus one can equal four!

Thus, the impact of Audio Visual should not be underestimated.   In addition to their entertainment values, AV productions are regularly used in business and industry for teaching purposes and for conveying one's point of view.   They can be powerful tools in the fight to obtain public support for such causes as conservation, help for the poor, and the righting of other social injustices.

Ever since I began seriously making photographs, I have been interested in their Audio Visual applications. These started out as single-projector showings of favourite family and travel transparencies, then gradually progressed to two-projector productions using fade and dissolve transitions.  I soon started photographing  and producing AV creations on a specific favourite theme, and found I wanted to experiment with other special effects, so built a simple 4-projector controller in order to achieve some limited animation and fancy titles.   The addition of a 4-track tape recorder made it possible to accurately control the projectors and synchronize the results to music or narration or other special sound-effects.  Finally, I added a laptop computer to gain even more control over all of the different components.  I found I needed a check-list of all the necessary bells and whistles whenever I ventured out to present one of my shows.  And, of course, the more complicated these shows became, the more often the system broke down, so that each presentation became more nerve-wracking and stressful than the last.  This problem was further aggravated by the increasing age of the equipment and of the producer.

Now I am enjoying the luxury of a single projector (digital) and a laptop computer which contains all the images,  music, sound-effects, and the instructions as to how all these AV components will be combined together and presented. One can create stunning photographic displays of still images on a large screen, bring them to life with simple animations and pans and zooms, create CD's and DVD's for viewing on a TV screen, or mailing to friends and relatives for viewing at their leisure, and can even post them to a web-site for access via the Internet.  

With digital technology, creating an AV production has never been so simple, and so effective.  There is a host of clever software from which to choose, not only for creating and modifying the images, and for preparing the audio, but also for putting together the AV productions themselves.

Life has never been so grand! 



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