China, too, is too vast a country to portray sufficiently in a few photos on a web page.  With the exception of Hong Kong, my time in China was very brief, and so this page will remain "under construction" until after a return visit.  Hong Kong is now part of China, but at the times I was there, it was a separate entity, governed by Britain.

The photo here is from the Great Wall, just outside Beijing. It was the end of autumn, and the wall was covered in a thin layer of new snow, giving it additional contrast and making it stand out from the gray early-winter background.   Also making the steep parts very slippery, especially in street shoes.


The views and opinions expressed here are entirely those of the author. They are based on a very short exposure to the country, and as such are coloured by personal biases, impressions and subject to potential inaccuracies of interpretation.

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