India is one of the most fascinating countries of the world. It is the second-most populous country, second only to China. It is also one of the poorest in terms of income per person. Yet India is one of the most varied, fascinating, and intriguing countries in the world.

When we were in India, even in the modern residential suburbs of New Delhi, the cows were sacred, and free to roam the streets at will.
These people are carrying very heavy loads, the women carrying on their heads as is their custom. They balance tremendous loads of everything from garden produce, building materials, water, and anything else that requires transporting from one place to another.
This is a magnificent mansion in one of New Delhi's most opulent communities.
This white horse and its proud attendant are decorated as part of a wedding procession outside a New Delhi hotel.
These musicians are performing outside a wedding hall at one of New Delhi's finest 'Taj' hotels.
This is a mother hippopotamus with her new-born calf. While we watched, she nudged it gently into a nearby pool where it was soon swimming around as if it had been born under water.
Because of its vast population, India has a tremendous "make-work" incentive. Here we see two men in New Delhi, the Capitol, mowing the grass with the use of "ox-power".

The views and opinions expressed here are entirely those of the author. They are based on a very short exposure to the country, and as such are coloured by personal biases, impressions and subject to potential inaccuracies of interpretation.

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