Jakarta, the capitol city of Indonesia, is a large, steamy, bustling, city with the normal problems of air and traffic pollution. However, other more rural areas of the country are unrivaled in their beauty and charm.

This was the view from our hotel, with one of the ever-present billboards superimposed on one of the more well-to-do residential areas. 

A mosque can be seen in the background. Throughout the day, one can hear the calls to prayer from this as well as many other mosques around the city.

Another view of downtown Jakarta, showing a few of the modern high-rise office buildings. 

In rush hour, this freeway is jammed with traffic, and taxis are almost impossible to obtain.

Flying out of Jakarta airport takes the traveller out over broad expanses of rice paddies.

These were still flooded by some recent heavy rain in the area.

The views and opinions expressed here are entirely those of the author. They are based on a very short exposure to the country, and as such are coloured by personal biases, impressions and subject to potential inaccuracies of interpretation.

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