South Korea

I was in Seoul, S. Korea, in 1998, on a telecommunications project.  

These are scenes from a few of the areas I had the opportunity to visit.

This is a typical market scene in Seoul.

Shown here are examples of the many bargains in sports clothing available here.

Another crowded market scene in Seoul.

 These markets are popular with residents and foreigners, alike.

Another area in the market.  Both food and clothing are available.

Seoul is a busy modern metropolis, with many high-rise office buildings and hotels.

This beautiful lady is wearing a traditional wedding dress in a theme park in Seoul.

This is a fine example of traditional Korean rural architecture.

The views and opinions expressed here are entirely those of the author. They are based on a very short exposure to the country, and as such are coloured by personal biases, impressions and subject to potential inaccuracies of interpretation.

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