Willkommen bei Deutschland!

The Stolzenfels castle, pictured here, was visible from the tour boat on the Rhine River below it. This very popular tour takes visitors past numerous industrial cities, castles, vineyards, and picturesque towns and villages, offering tourists an excellent cross-sectional view of Germany, from Cologne to Mainz. This castle was first built in the 13th century by the Archbishops of Trier, was destroyed in 1689, and was then rebuilt between 1836 and 1842 by Frederick William IV of Prussia.

Munich is a fascinating city. I was there for a technical convention, and every day, during our 2-hour break for lunch, walked to a different area of the city, rarely retracing my steps. Pictured here is the new city hall, or "Rathaus", housing the famous "Glockenspiel". This is a very popular meeting place for tourists, both day and night.

Auf Wiederseh'n!

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