My wife and I love to travel.  We have been fortunate, over the course of my work, and later in my retirement, in being able to travel to many different countries. 

Here is a list of countries visited, in chronological order:

Canada USA Mexico Denmark Sweden
Norway Germany Fiji New Zealand Australia
Thailand Indonesia Vietnam Singapore China
India Colombia Ecuador Brazil Nepal
S. Korea Italy France Kenya Tanzania
Netherlands Romania Hungary Czech Republic  Ireland
Scotland Bulgaria Austria England Belgium

Click on a country for a photo gallery from that area.
Please note that I am still working on these pages and still have many more photos to add to some of them

If you have broadband Internet service, click HERE for a detailed interactive world map.

One advantage to
international travel is that it puts problems and situations in one's home country in a proper perspective.
Seeing the extreme poverty in places like India and certain South American cities makes one realize just
how fortunate we in Canada really are, and how important it is to raise the standard of living of those of
our citizens who are not as fortunate as we might be.

The second advantage
to someone like myself was that it has afforded a wonderful opportunity for photography.  Click on the
country names or on the globe above to view some photographs from different parts of the world.



This page was last updated on:  05-Feb-2014
Al Robinson, 2007, all rights reserved
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